Writing Sample Revisions Essay

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Writing Sample Revisions
Tyrancer Journet
University of Phoenix
Alissa Hill
January 25, 2015

Writing Sample Revisions
Example 2 – I was thrown from my truck as it left the road. I was later found in a ditch by a flock of wild turkeys.
Driving down a dirt road in my pick-up truck, I lost control of my truck, and that is when I swerved into a deep pot hole in the road. I was thrown from my truck and knocked unconscious after slamming on my brakes because I was not wearing my seatbelt. Upon awakening I realized that I was in the hospital and I could hear the doctors and nurses talking about the accident. I later found out that another motorist saw my truck abandoned and called the police, who had prompted for a search for me, and that is how they found me in the ditch next to a flock of wild turkeys.
Example 6 – Critical thinking is a way of thinking that is learned but, should also be something that comes to mind as a unconscious reaction after a bit of time. When in college it is taught students. The reason for this is because helps to build life skills. If a person cannot think critically then they will probably have personally and professionally problems.
Critical thinking is a method of thinking and process that measures thinking in a more in depth thinking method. It develops and matures over time and eventually it becomes a second nature. Critical thinking skills are vital skills that college students should possess. Critical thinking is taught in classrooms, in college, to sharpen student’s critical thinking skills. This skill will carry on throughout the student’s life and through their college years. If an individual does not have critical thinking skills it could cause problems in their lives as a professional and in their personal lives.

Several connections exist between critical thinking and writing, including content selection, information presentation, editing, reader assessment and stimulating additional thought and works. Often, writers and readers are not consciously aware of these links. People can be taught what these connections are, and may practice thinking critically as they work with writing. Experts agree that thinking critically while writing or reading typically does