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Year 8 Holocaust assessment task
I think that one ordinary person could not stop the holocaust but you would need to have most of the people in Germany on your side to stop the holocaust. I will be talking about the holocaust, the death camps, the propaganda, ghettoes, the rise of Hitler and how the museum deepened my understanding of this topic. This term we learnt about the holocaust and Hitler and how he wanted to be an artist but instead he joined the army and fought in World War 1. After he fought in World War 1 he tried to take over the government by force because he thought that the government was the reason that Germany was in the depression because they paid all the other countries for the damage they caused in the war. He went to court and he then discovered his great ability for public speaking. He had his jail time cut down and he got whatever he wanted while is was in jail, it was like he was in a hotel. Once he got out of jail he took over the government by being voted in and proceeded to get Germany out of the depression. He succeeded in getting 100% unemployment rate which is nearly impossible in our days and that’s why everyone loved him. Hitler blamed the Jews for everything bad that happened to Germany and he wanted everyone else to share his hate of the Jewish people so he started making propaganda. Propaganda was used in different forms, being radio, speeches, posters, books and leaflets to make the Jewish people look bad. One night all Hitler’s followers went around smashing the windows of all the Jewish shops and houses and severely injuring or killing Jewish people. After the beginning of WWII the Nazis forced the Jews to live in specific areas of big cities called ghettos. They were forced out of their homes and moved in to smaller apartments usually sharing with other Jewish families. After a few years Hitler come up with the final solution where he created death camps and concentration camps. The Nazis would order the Jews from the ghettos and load them on the trains to take them to the camps. Hitler ended up slaughtering 11 million Jews all up including 1.5 million kids before the Soviet Army discovered the death camps and stoped the killing. The Jews that survived were in such a bad condition that if they ate to much in one sitting they would die because they hadn’t eaten for so long and were not used to eating food. Once Hitler knew he was defeated he shot himself.

On the 22nd June I went to the Sydney Jewish Museum. This museum deepened my understanding of what it was like for people living through the Holocaust. We met a man named George who was only a baby and he and his mother managed to escape to Poland. His father escaped first to secure a job and then he and his mother had to cross a river in the middle of the night. The guards did stop them but his