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Life is full of sacrifices. Every person has given up something or someone in order to better themselves or their loved ones. Giving up something you love or admire greatly is a very hard task to accomplish. Everyone wants to be successful; one has to set goals to accomplish anything. Dedication plays a huge part in success. The word dedication can mean a lot of different things. A person can dedicate their life to their family, to their job, or themselves. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, dedication is defined as "a devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose," (Merriam-Webster) When you dedicate yourself to one specific task, you as and individual have to sacrifice the negative impact on other tasks. For example, dedicating your life to your family may negatively impact your outcome at your job or may play a negative impact on yourself as an individual. This is also true with people who dedicate their life to their job or just themselves. Whatever it may be, there will always be an aspect in life that will be negatively impacted. There are many happy and successful families out there. Many individuals just live for their families and nothing else. Someone who works a 40 hour week and comes home to their family every day or evening after work is your typical family man or family woman. A family oriented person is one who sacrifices their career so they can spend a lot more time with their children and spouse. This kind of individual will never be recognized or acknowledged for their work or accomplishments because they do the base minimum. These types of employees never move-up in their designated careers. Being the last one in and first one out can never result in a positive recognition from your peers and employers. You can't succeed in every aspect of life unless you're Superman. Being a successful mother or father can be a very stressful experience. Some can say that it is like a second job. Caring for your children and spouse takes a lot of responsibility and a lot of effort. A Person has to be very determined to keep his or her family happy. Doing so may take away from other aspects of life. For example, an individual that takes his or her family out to eat every night and lacks the discipline to consume healthy foods and exercise is not a healthy individual. Most people that are successful tend to be workaholics. Individuals that exceed a 40 hour week might be considered workaholics. Vince Lombardi had a great quote, “To achieve success, whatever the job we have, we must pay a price.” There are lots of opportunities for individuals who sacrifice their personal lives for their jobs. A person that is shown to exceed their workload and shows the want to be successful will have the opportunities to be so. For example, a trauma surgeon that works in the ER basically lives in the ER. The specialty physicians work anywhere from 80 to 120 hours a week and are constantly on call. They dedicate their life to their job. Anyone who has this kind of job title is a very dedicated person. It takes a lot of hard work to be a doctor let alone a specialty surgeon. Dedication has to play a huge part in the educational aspects of becoming a physician. The amount of school and the amount of sacrifices one has to make are enormous. Families don't see these