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Abortion Since the court case of Roe v. Wade, abortion has been viewed as a fundamental human right. In other words, abortion has been legal since 1973 in the United States. Ever since, abortion has been a controversial moral issue. For years, feminists have argued that women will never truly be free or equal unless they are free to make their own decisions about aborting unborn children in their own bodies. This feminist movement has been an issue for decades and has influenced some politicians. Legalizing abortion, gives women the choice of whether or not they want to bear a child. In today’s American society, many states are now mounting aggressive campaigns to limit abortion. In the article, “why anti-abortion activists should not intimidate women,” Ann Furedi argues against the men who mount the aggressive campaigns and wants to fight back for the women’s rights in abortion. Furedi states that “the U.S. political parties have seen abortion as a private matter of personal and public health rather than a matter of rights.” Ann believes in supporting families to be more responsible and to plan out their births, but contraception sometimes fails and people fail to use it. She believes that abortion should be just another option if something goes wrong. Abortion is a back up for failed birth control pills. In her article she complains about seeing Protestants outside her clinic and disturbing women who go out and seek for safe and legal care from pregnancy advisory services (bpas). She states that many of the protests oppose abortion in principle and their actions aim toward the women who want to pursue their own rights in abortion. They do not look within the personal and toward an individual problem. Ann states that women attend their clinics for care because they are seeking for help. The Bpas is a genuinely pro-choice and they tell women what they want to get themselves into. The women are educated at these clinics and are aware of their choices and should have the right to choose what they want. The author argues that “those who accuse us of running ‘abortion mills’ need to see women who have found benefits in such clinics and see what they have to say about that. She claims that women who come to their clinic get the full explanation of what would happen if things were to go wrong. They are glad and satisfied with the decision a woman makes about abortion.
I disagree with this author because I believe that there should be protests standing outside their clinics. There needs to be a stop to these clinics. The protests that stand outside these clinics are fighting for the fetus’ lives. I believe that someone has to stand up for these innocent souls that would one day be able to enjoy this beautiful life. Protests are there to make women think about their choices wisely and let them know that they are killing a little fetus that would one day become a human being. Abortion is not only about what the woman wants and what rights she has about her own body but it is also the fetus’ right. The people who fight for abortion and the womans rights have been born. What would they feel like if their own mother would not want to conceive them? How would it feel to be inexistent? Wouldn’t they want to be able to live and experience this beautiful life on this earth? Shouldn’t everyone have a chance to live? There are women out there who want to abort children because they cannot financially support them or they have been raped or they’ve found out that their child would be ill. I understand, but that does not mean because of their circumstance they should be able to take someone’s life away. These women are selfish and think about how they would survive and how the society would look at them. In