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you decide
So why is it that women attempt to get pregnant? The main reason should be because a family is ready to be made. Although a lot of women in todays society are getting pregnant, a lot of them are not planned pregnancies and every year in the United States 25% of them results in an abortion. I think that abortion should be confined to minimize its use. I also believe that a lot of people are using abortion as a form of birth control. I believe that abortion can be used to a certain extent and that it should not be excluded completely.
Abortion is defined as: “the termination of pregnancy and removal of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival”. It is a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body, and if she decides that she don’t think she is responsible enough to bring a child into this world then she shouldn’t be forced out of nature. Many pro-life advocates are highly against abortion and think it’s murder. While they may have their own arguments and beliefs to support this fact, the truth is that, a fetus is not a living person. It cannot feel pain or live outside of the mother’s body. Pain in a human body starts as an electrical signal in the body’s pain receptors. In a fetus, the pain receptors develop around seven to eight weeks after conception, long after an abortion would occur. Many pro-life advocates believe that the fetus can feel the pain while these systems are partly formed and forming. Pro-choice advocates feel that it is necessary for the junction between two nerve cells to develop in order to feel pain. Pro-life supporters argue that if abortion were banned, all of the unwanted children would be adopted. In reality though the unwanted children would cause more problems for our society.
It’s horrible to say but it is true. If you think about it if we have children all over the country Moniz 2 that are being abused and abandoned think of the millions of children we would have added to the picture. Abortion has its time and place. If a woman gets pregnant because she was raped then she has the right to abort the pregnancy. I don’t think it is fair for a woman to have to feel the guilt of aborting her child when she didn’t ask for it. Especially if rape was the cause of it. Abortion is not as harmful as its opponents claim it to be. Instead of looking at abortion like its murder society as one must consider abortion as a necessary alternative.
Abortion can save a woman’s life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Some woman go thru abortion and afterwards are mentally hurt. Some woman regret even doing the procedure and have to live with the guilt for the rest of their life. And some woman are glad they did it and didn’t bring a child into the world when they know they cant take care of it. But along with that choice they should have learned their lesson by going thru with abortion and using birth control. Their is many different types of abortion but it depends on how largely upon the stage of pregnancy and the size of the unborn child. Their are three different methods to getting an abortion, those that invade the uterus and kill the child by instruments which enter the uterus through the cervix. Theirs the usual method of dilation which they insert a series of instruments of increasing size into the cervix. A set of dilators, metal curved instruments are used to open the cervix enough to accommodate the instruments of abortion. In contrast with a normal birth, where the dilation occurs normally and slowly over a period of time, the forceful stretching by the person who is giving the abortion takes a matter of seconds to open the cervix. This premature and unnatural stretching of the cervix can result in permanent physical injury to the mother. Dehydrated material such…