Young Adulthood Essay

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Kiara Nicole Santos Vega is a 15 year old sophomore in high school. I had the privilege of knowing Kiara and her mother Yasmin Vega all of my life. Kiara is currently 5’6” and 135 pounds. Yasmin was 22 years old, 5’5” and weighed 125 pounds when becoming pregnant. Juan, Kiara’s father was 29 years old, and weighed 200 pounds. While Yasmin lived a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical exercise, on the other hand Juan lacked those qualities. At the time they were both full time workers with high school diploma’s and with no plans of pursuing any higher education. Juan’s family did not have any history of health problems. Yasmin’s family had a history of high blood pressure and her mother underwent psychological treatments. Yasmin was a bit emotional and has a history of depression. They both lacked athletic abilities, artistic and didn’t play or have any interest in musical instruments. They were both very social, popular and had many friends. They were only dating at the time of conception and by time of giving birth Juan was already out of the picture. Emotionally Yasmin inform that throughout her pregnancy her hormones weren’t stable. During her pregnancy Yasmin had an unexpected feeling of discomfort, because her previous pregnancy was calm and with no stresses. She saw a doctor on a few occasions, having to be placed on a rigors diet, and had a very supportive family during her pregnancy. She held a job as a receptionist while pregnant and gained about 40 pounds. Juan was not involved with the pregnancy and no additional problems arose during this time. Kiara was born a healthy 5 pounds 19” each baby. Infancy and early childhood was described very deleteriously by Yasmin; she said she was stressful baby. She did have a 5 year old to compare so that was helpful. Her cognitively development was very good she understood her surrounding and was very playful. She was able to communicate what she needed very easily and was fed, changed, soother when needed. She exhibited Piaget’s sensorimotor and preoperational thinking. Yasmin was able to pin point Kiara’s dancing ability from the age of two. Her sleeping habits was the stressor through the first two years of Kiara’s life. She would spent most of the night crying and it definitely triggered Yasmin’s nerves and anxiety. Yasmin resorted to sending Kiara to her parents who were residing in the Dominican Republic at which time. While Kiara lived with her grandparents she was the perfect infant. Only cried when needing to be changed or hungry, definitely less than her grandparents expected with Yasmin’s testimony of Kiara’s behavior. Maria (Kiara’s grandmother) would put her in a rocking crib and almost instantly this would soothed her. Yasmin did not breast feed her. At this time Kiara grandparents ran their own Tabaco and Plantains exportation farm in the D.R. Kira was very playful with family, friends and visitors. Erickson’s stage of trust vs. mistrust was not an issue for Kiara during early childhood. She had no problems with trust and Yasmin along with her grandparents played a big part in this. Autonomy vs. shame also was not a problem for Kiara; she was very confident and had no problems with new situations. Initiatives vs. guild was also not a problem for Kiara. She listened to her mom and didn’t ask why. When Kiara was going to kindergarten she stayed with her a while as other parents did, but when it was time to leave Kiara walked away and spent time with other kids. She made friends quickly. Yasmin enrolled Kiara in school at the age of four, and since then she has never been left back. Her friends now were her cousins and Yasmin’s friends’ kids that lived in the same town. She always had a good temperament and was very mellow. She was very emotional and showed basic signs of traditional development. Complex emotions occurred at the normal range of 2 years. She understood when her friends said and other family members. She was not overly attached