A Bilingual Province Essay

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A Bilingual Province
In New Brunswick it is very valuable to be fluent in both the English and French language. Especially now, with all the new shopping stores we have in the Miramichi area in particular. This attracts people from all over including both Anglophone and Francophone people. Playing soccer is one of my favourite hobbies along with being a district referee and more recently, I’ve been coaching children soccer during the summer months of the year. I have been playing soccer since I was four years old and I have simply grown to love the game. While referring as well as coaching I am always interacting with both French and English speaking players and parents both on and off the field. This demonstrates the appreciation between French and English speaking communities all over the province. Presently, I am also Vice President of the Rotary Interact Club at Miramichi Valley High School. We are always organizing and planning multiple volunteer efforts both locally and internationally. I have also volunteered throughout my community to raise money for numerous causes; most often interacting with both English and French speaking people in the process of doing so. While living in a bilingual province we cannot let different language speaking communities become language barriers because there is so much to learn and value from each other.

When I was little I always loved attending festivals in Francophone communities because there is so much to learn…