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Why does film matter? Films are the essential part of reinforcing learned material through visual and auditory context. Films bring text and ideas to life through screenplay and production. Ultimately, films bring stories to life. In Beasts of the Southern Wild, we experience an overwhelming synopsis of Hush Puppy's life. We see it through her eyes, and through her visions. She brings to us a world, unknown to us.

The bathtub is her sense of the world and everything around it is nonexistent. The blurriness of the other characters views are a product of Hush Puppies very particular point of view. But the fact that the Bathtub’s inhabitants are never really seen anything more than drunks, their roles in the story doesn't really matter. This is what the world looks like through the eyes of a child. What you see in this film, is hushpuppies viewpoint on the world and everything in it. This brings us to why film matters. Something very intriguing about this film is it’s portrayal of the storm and how the inhabitants deal with it. It teaches us about how those people reacted and what their thought processes were. Film matters because it gives us an inside look on things, from the characters point of view. Even though films are scripted, they take on their own shapes and develop into something bigger than what it actually is.
Characters take on their roles, and the scenes become reality. For many, film’s are a way of life, and they dedicate their lives to studying and producing films. Films portray emotions, and events that words simply cannot. One can read a beautiful book, but it takes a film to see the book in color, dimension and sound. You can assign faces to names, and landscape to cities and towns that you were forced to imagine.

Some may argue that this is more intriguing,