A Guide To Writing Proposals Essay

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Notes on Writing Proposals
The purpose of a proposal is not to simply argue a position on an issue, but through research and argument to clarify an issue and then offer realistic solutions to the issue. The ultimate goal is to partake in an ongoing conversation or debate about a topic, and in offering solutions, to think critically about the issue at hand as to what kind of solution will really work and why it will work.
A note: proposals have several different formats, so a business proposal will look rather different from a proposal for an English class, and so on. For this class, we are using the basic format of a proposal (I have provided notes for you). If you are interested in learning more about other formats, please let me know and I will direct you to texts, websites, etc.
Key features : Proposals have several sections:
1. a section with a single, clearly defined issue;
2. an in depth discussion of how or why your topic is problematic;
3. at least one reasonable and realistic solution to the problem that anticipates
4. questions, rejections, etc.;
5. a conclusion
Example: propose a paper on energy issues within ABQ—coal powers much of our electricity and is dirty no matter how we spin it. A feasible solution: solar and wind power in residential areas, or, via business buildings. Problems / questions/ outcries: expensive, placement, etc.
In your introduction, you will use an argumentative thesis statement—this will differ from our close reading assignments because you will not introduce an author and an essay. Rather, you will introduce a topic and make a claim. Your overview should explain the issue briefly, and explain that there are solutions to the existing problem or issue. Don’t forget you can look back