A Life that Forever Dies Essay

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A Life that Forever Dies
About a month after 9/11, president Bush signed the U.S. Patriots act. The Patriot Act takes limitations away from government agencies to help them gather intelligence easier. This allows government agencies to wiretap phones without warrants, read text messages and e-mails without permission, and invade anyone's privacy that is suspect of being a terrorist. Every person's text goes through a database where it is judged as an innocent message or a message that resembles a threat. The database searches for keywords, for example the word "bomb." Now if a person texted "That sandwich you made me was the bomb!", it would be seen as innocent. If person texted "I am done making the nuclear bomb," it would be flagged and further investigated. An article titled "10 reasons why the United States is no long the land of the free," states that "The president may now order warrantless surveillance, including a new capability to force companies and organizations to turn over information on citizens’ finances, communications and associations." Not only are citizens' communications being watched but now citizens' bank accounts are being surveilled as well. This act gives the President and government agencies such as Homeland Security and the Central Intelligence Agency much surveillance power. Ex-CIA director David Patraeus was investigated by the FBI and evidence was found that proved David to be in an extramarital affair. A New York Times article elaborates by…