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A Downtown Mission

It all started on a bright sunny Sunday morning on the eighteenth of November, no gray skies nor any dark clouds. It was the second time I was going to meet him in person. I was full of happiness with a million butterflies in my stomach, and all the muscles in my body felt weak like I was about to collapse for I was nervous. The door bell sounded loud as a church's bell on a Sunday morning, and as soon as I heard it my heart jumped out of excitement. I was already ready when he came to pick me up so I ran fast downstairs. When I opened the door, I got really shy, and my cheeks turn red but I was happy to finally see him and for that reason my smile wouldn't fade away. Smiling at him I said, “Hey you” although I was really shy and with his timid smile he asked me “Hey are you ready?” He was wearing a black and red Chicago Bulls jersey jacket, some dark washed jeans and some Jordan shoes that were black and red as well. We got inside a tan van, and his sister was driving; she agreed to drive us to the orange line train station to take the loop towards downtown.
As we got there he wasn't familiar with the train and the train stops so I had to tell him where we had to get off. We ran up the stairs like little kids running for candy and we waited until the train arrived. He looked really shy but I was trying my best at making him smile a lot so it wouldn't be awkward because I was just as shy and nervous as he was. When the train finally came we got on and found two seats available so we immediately took over them before anyone else could. I really wanted him and me sitting next to each other although both of us were nervous because it was the first date ever. The train was heading towards downtown and we were planning to go to some places in downtown Chicago and Navy Pier. On the train there was a variety of people who were going to work with elegant clothes and dress-up shoes. Other people looked like they were just going to explore downtown like any other Chicagoan. He took out his iPhone and he opened the camera application; without telling me he randomly took a picture of us and I got shyer because I didn't expect that. The first place we were going to go was the Willis Tower, at first we kind of got lost because I wasn't that familiar with the streets in downtown. He and I had finally arrived and the Willis Tower was crowded with a lot of people shopping. Since it was on late November there were already Christmas decorations all over the place. A lot of Christmas lights filled the place and it was bright as the shining stars on a late night sky. We walked towards the escalator and we were in front of the Lego’s store; by the doorway there was the cowboy Woody from Toy Story made out of Lego's. He was taking picture a of the figure when suddenly he decided to get a picture of us together so he asked the first person he saw if he could take the picture for us. He and I smiled and we looked so happy. We kept walking and just around the corner of the Lego store and we found a small castle with baby blue lights. There was also a tiny fountain that looked so pretty and he said that I was the princess in the castle which brought a big smile to my face. When we were walking down an escalator our hands were so close to each other that our pinky’s touched and somehow we were hanging on to each other’s pinky’s which lead to us holding hands for the first time. His hands were so soft and warm and I wanted to smile so badly but I kept my face expression normal because I didn't want to seem foolish. We kept walking and we went to a couple more stores. We were already done looking at the stores so we wanted to head towards our next place in downtown; we were going to go to Navy Pier. Since we spent almost the whole afternoon at the Willis Tower we kind of arrived late at Navy Pier because most of the stores were closed but a lot of restaurants were open. Since there was nothing else to do we just stayed…