A Man, Almost a Man. Essay

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Dave looked around looking for a spot in where he could lay down. Not knowing where

the train was going, he started bring out memories of home. How he was never to see his

mom again or how he was never to sit at a table with his dad and eat dinner again. But

somehow Dave knew this was the right thing to do, Dave believed that the only reason why

Mr. Hawkins gave such an outrageous price for that old cow was because he was an African

American. Dave wanted to start fresh somewhere may like New York, a place where he could

go to school and become a lawyer. But Dave quickly remembered how little money he had;

it was nothing but two dollars. When suddenly Dave heard the train; hoooooof-hooooof;

hoooooof-hooooof; hooooof-hoooof: quickly Dave tried looking out to see if he could of

gather any clues where he was. But found nothing, when the train stopped. Dave wanted to

leave the train the most quiet way possible so no one could see him; “I have a gun” thought


“Excuse me man” Dave tried being as polite he could have been asked. “Do you know where

we are?”

Before answering the question, the lady sized up the young boy noticing how sweaty he was.

And is as if he was hiding from someone, “Don’t you know where we are boy?” said the old


“No mam.” answered back Dave.

“We are in Indiana.” said the old lady

“Thank you mam.” Dave replied.

Indiana. I don’t know anything about this place, what can I do with two dollars: thought

Dave. I need to find a job and go to New York; It was when Dave came across a restaurant

that said “Help Need it” Dave hiding the gun under some stool he had seed outside the place,

and tried to clean himself as much as he could then he entered the restaurant showing a little

shyness, “I am a Man” said Dave, whispering to himself.

“Excuse me sir” said Dave; looking firm at the young man who stood firm and had a very

serious expression in his face. Almost as if he was too busy to speak with Dave.

“Yes sir, may I help you?” replied the young man.

Dave was very much surprised with the fact that this young white male had called him sir.

“No one, ever called me sir” thought Dave to himself. Dave took a deep breath and said:

“I am very sorry to bother you, but I came in about the sign outside” they