A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay

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Midsummer Night's Dream -- Tragic Death of Pyramus & Thisbe filled the theatre with uproarious laughter or which I feel our theatre has lately been starved.

Pyramus and Thisbe are two lovers who are kept apart, but they chat secretly through a hole in a wall and agree that by moonlight that they'll meet at the tomb. Thisbe arrives first, but then he is frightened off by a lion. When she runs away, she leaves behind her cape and the lion it and covers it in blood. Pyramus then shows up, a bit late, to find Thisbe's bloody cape. Pyramus is sure his lover is dead, so he draws his sword and kills himself. Thisbe then comes out of hiding in a bush and, finding her lover dead, pulls his sword out and kills herself too.

This play is full of skilled comedy. I feel it starts off at its best when Quince (Played by Samantha Smith) is delivering her prologue at the beginning; she is an exceptional actress and fills the theatre with infectious laughter. She is extremely well costumed too. Samantha also shows off her skills as a great entertainer when she is correcting ‘Pyramus/Bottom’ (played by Scott Florence) as he wrongly delivers his line, as directed by the script. Scott also shows the ability to portray his character extraordinarily well.
Just when you think this performance has reached its limit and cannot possibly get any funnier, out comes Pyramus/Bottom, finding his beloved Thisbe’s (played by Sean Vo) cape on the ground, torn and covered in blood. As Pyramus is sure that Thisbe must be dead, so he pulls out his sword and stabs himself, causing a great burst of laughter from the audience.