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A Raisin in the Sun

In the book A Raisin in the Sun almost every word has more than one meaning. From the first act to the last, their home and its characteristics have a direct reflection of the Younger's physical and emotional being. Starting with the deteriorating condition of the families’ apartment, the author relates the home with the status of the families’ wellbeing; weary and tired. The author follows that perfect correlation with Mama seeing the glimpse of sunlight coming through the window, previewing the arrival of the $10,000 check that gives the family hope. One of the last and most important comparisons that the author makes is when the family cleans and rid their apartment of bugs, showing how the family is cleansing themselves from the negativity and weariness to move on to better things.

In Act One, Scene One the narrator describes the Younger's living room furnishings as once being cared for, loved, and selected with taste/ pride. The narrator goes on to say that because the room accommodated so many people for so long, it is now undistinguished and tired. This change in the family room is parallel with the presentation of the family, especially Walter. Before the endurance of a hard life and being the primary supporter of the household; Walter was supportive, respectful, and lively. Now he is short-tempered, greedy and worn out like when he responded to Mama, “No-it was always the money, Mama. We just didn’t know about it.”

The second substantial piece of evidence to show the comparison of the family to the setting is the small plant that Mama cared for. In the beginning of the book Mama walks to a small plant growing in a flower pot on the windowsill to observe the plant. She notices the hard efforts in the growth of the small sprout. But unfortunately the weed is almost impossible to grow due to the lack of sunlight it receives from the little apartment window. The stunt of growth and bettering of the family