History Of Cosmo De Medici

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The Medici was a family looking for power and his business was a small bank and would also make wool .Medici helped cocas a pirate get to become pope and cocas remembered his friends and wanted a bank he could trust. their wealth and power came from gambling and believing in Brunelleschi. Cosmo let the rival family rule until they ran out of money. after they ran out the people begged him to rule the city. The Medici's gambling proved to bring them into power. Filippo Brunelleschi was a genius who had a bad temper and was obsessed about the ancient world. Brunelleschi made a diagram for an orphanage that used ancient architecture that no one had seen before and would spark a architectural revolution. He also would create a diagram for the dome that needed to be built. He would even give the workers wine and tell them to eat their lunch on the dome so they wouldn't be exhausted from going up and down the three hundred and fifty stairs. Cosmo de Medici was a patron of the arts because when people looked at art they would think of Cosmo de Medici. Cosmo treated his artists with respect and let them do whatever they wanted in their own time as long as they get the work done. Cosmo realized that making his artists happy would be better than forcing them to make art. The artists needed his patronage so that they could be famous. The city of Florence in 1400 had a building that just didn't have a dome on it. it was also a time when a pirate could become the pope. Florence