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A Separate Peace Final Project

Wars occur not only between nations but also between individuals, sometimes even friends. In fact, they even occur within the individuals themselves. The blame, in any case, can be traced to a lack of understanding. In A Separate Peace Gene states that “it seemed clear that wars were. To made by generations and their special stupidities but that wars were made instead by something ignorant in the human heart.” For Gene this “ignorance” was the incredible amount of jealousy that he harbors toward Finny. This caused a battle to occur within his mind as he attempted to first ruin Finny in his own eyes and then separate himself from Finny completely. Although he did eventually end Finny, Gene was only able to ruin himself. This dilemma parallels greatly with the rise of Venom from the Spider-Man comics. Eddie Brock went to the same school as Peter Parker, work for the same newspaper as Peter Parker, and was attracted to the same girl as Peter Parker, but he could never beat Peter in any way, shape, or form. This caused Eddie to harbor a great jealousy toward Peter, much like Gene’s jealousy toward Finny. In the end, both boys jealousies caused pain to those not just themselves, but also to those they cared about. A similar situation occurred a few years ago to my sister, Daijuh, who always made top grades in all of her classes except for algebra. Her friend, Emily, always made straight “A”s in all of her classes. Daijuh couldn't stand how she was always studying and could never manage to make the grade she wanted and Emily, who never studied for anything, always got