Lucie In D. Manette's Tale: A Tale

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1. He is stopped many times and is forced to show his papers before he may proceed.
2. He finally reaches Paris under an escort.
3. Darnay has left; emigrants have lost all of their property rights and may be sentenced to death.
4. He’s referred to as “the prisoner.”
5. Darnay meets Ernest Defarge.
6. Ernest tells Darnay that he cannot help him because his allegiance is to the newly formed state.
7. The phrase “in secret.”
8. He learns that the King has been imprisoned.
9. He thinks “he made shoes, he made shoes, he made shoes.”
10. This is a reference to Dr. Manette’s long imprisonment.

Chapters 2 and 3
1. It’s located in a house that the republic seized from a nobleman.
2. On the grounds of this house there is a grindstone.
3. Lucie and her daughter along with Dr. Manette, and Mis Pross come to France.
4. Defarge brings a note from Dr. Manette.
5. Lorry takes them to see Lucie.
6. She accompanies them so that they will be protected.
7. No, there are hints that Madame Defarge wants to see Lucie and the child so that she can register them.
8. Lucie asks Madam Defarge for her to show her husband mercy.
9. Madame Defarge tells Lucie that one person’s suffering is irrelevant.
10. Mr. Lorry is worried about Charles and Lucie’s future.

Chapters 4 and 5
1. He doesn’t tell Lucie that one thousand and one hundred prisoners have been murdered in the last four days.
2. He takes advantage of his martyred status in the new republic.
3. “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death” is the slogan of the new republic.
4. guillotine, described as a “sharp female”.
5. She displays her quietly loyal and good strength.
6. He arranges for Lucie to stand on a spot where Charles can see her from his prison window.
7. This spot is outside the shop of the wood sawyer who used to mend the roads.
8. He states that what she is taking part of is none of his business.
9. Madame Defarge passes by the spot.
10. This chapter ends with Dr. Manette announcing Charles’ trial will be held the next day.

Chapters 6 and 7
1. The court is a horrid place that looks like “the felons were trying the honest men”
2. Darnay defends himself by reminding the court that he is the son-in-law of Dr. Manette appealing to the crowd’s emotions.
3. Dr. Manette taught him to appeal to the court in that manner.
4. Darnay is acquitted.
5. It can be compared to Darnay’s previous trial in England.
6. She collapses into his arms.
7. Lucie recovers herself and prays to God.
8. Four soldiers show up and arrest Charles.
9. The Defarges denounced him.
10. It is said that there is a third person who denounced Darnay, but the third person’s identity is not revealed.

Chapter 8
1. She sees Solomon, her long-lost brother.
2. Jerry Cruncher asks Solomon Pros what his name was when in England and when was he a spy-witness at Charles Daranay’s trial.
3. Sydney Carton, who has just arrived in France, states Barsad’s name.
4. He wants Barsad to accompany him to Tellson’ Bank.
5. They discuss the reason Carton has power over Barsad.
6. Jerry Cruncher reveals that Roger Cly wasn’t in the coffin that Barsad claims he was in.
7. He explains that Cly had to fake his death or he would risk being murdered by a mob.
8. He refers to Charles Darany being carried home by the crowd to only be arrested once again.
9.Barsad tells Carton that an escape is impossible.
10. This chapter ends with Carton and Barsad going into a dark room to finish their secret negotiations.

Chapter 9
1. Mr. Lorry is angry with Jerry Cruncher because he thinks that Cruncher has been imposing on Tellson’s Bank by serving as a grave-robber and the man who does the odd jobs around the bank.
2. He has ensured one time access to Charles Darnay.
3. Lorry says that this cannot do the prisoner any good.
4. Carlton goes to a chemist’s shop.
5. He buys two chemicals that prove to be dangerous when mixed together.
6. Carton roams the streets of Paris.
7. Carton