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Business Problem-Solving Case: Citizens National Bank Searches for a System Solution
Case Study Questions

1. What was the initial problem that Mark Singleton was trying to solve at Citizens National? How well did he apply the four steps of problem solving?

A major part of Citizen National’s strategy for continuing growth was to implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. The CRM strategy targeted the bank’s two main contact points with customers: the bank’s call center and its sales force. The main goal for the implementation was to increase sales by raising the number of contacts relationship bankers were making and improving the tracking of these activities so the bank could learn more from them.

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The new software was simply too rich in features.

Technology: The software had more functions than necessary or manageable. Employees found the software to be too complicated. Bankers were not able to view multiple relationships between a customer and the bank on the same screen. The extra navigation was confusing and inefficient. Compatibility issues between the database formats in Siebel and those used by the bank’s core applications created problems for employees.

People: The relationship bankers resisted the new system. It didn’t make sense for them to change their methods because of the software. The users did not have an incentive to use the new system because their compensation was based on sales, and sales had become harder to make.

4. Was QuickBase a better solution for Citizens National? If so, why? What factors suggest that the bank ended up with the right approach and the right choice of product?

Quickbase was a much better solution for the bank because it was a smaller application program. It included modules for databases, spreadsheets, and sales management, all of which could be easily manipulated for the bank’s business functions. It is designed to organize, track, and share information among team members in the workplace. Employees can customize the package themselves. The business can modify its