E-Waste Essay

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The mission of the Basel Action Network (BAN) is to prevent trading of toxic wastes and the major issue is that the waste is being sent to poverty stricken countries. The work BAN is doing is important to the environment in my opinion because most impoverished nations that our country trades with has substances in the waste that may climb up the food chain, affecting plants, animals and fish at the site of disposal and contaminate the soil.

The e-Stewards initiative is based out of Seattle, WA and in association with BAN is putting the obligation in citizen’s hands to prevent letting toxic waste get into the environment. The nearest facility is Bargain Computers (Creative Recycling Systems, Inc.) in Tampa, FL. The picture that got to me the most was from the Guiyu, China album. The photo shows piles of waste next to the river and all I could think about was that water from the river is probably the town’s drinking water and that isn’t right or fair. In the international report, the United States is failing and that cautions me especially because politicians aren’t even talking about the environmental issues we face.

The e-waste recycling industry is exploding because how much people are recycling. The numbers are incredible and Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist and authority on waste management at the Natural Resources Defense Council explained that, "Well, we throw out about 130,000 computers every day in the United States."

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