E-Waste Essay

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E Computers and their hardware can contain toxic materials that cannot be disposed of like regular waste. It takes certain procedures and hardware to make sure they are disposed of properly. Which is why we should work to prevent it by either repairing it or upgrading it to extend its usefulness. I believe we should recycle our e-trash instead of just throwing it away. Electronic products like computers, TVs, DVD players and cell phones have grown in use over the past several years. The increase in these products has started to take up a considerable amount of space in our landfills and can contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury that can hurt our environment and the people working the landfills. The best way to dispose of these products would be to take them to a designated recycling center to be handled properly. Reusing these products is another way we can prevent e-waste. We can reuse these products by taking damaged products to a repair shop to repair it and make it better or the original store we bought them from if they had a warranty so we can get a new one and let the store take care of fixing and refurbishing it for reuse. With products like computers they are always evolving so its hard to keep up with the latest tech. But instead of buying a new computer every couple years you can settle for taking it to a computer shop and having them upgrade it for you. By adding memory, software and the processors your old computer can compete with brand new ones. Recycling and donating our old Electronics is probably the best solution to our e-waste problem.