Essay on I Believe Morals Come From Within

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I Believe Morals Come From Within While growing up and going through the many changes that many young adults and children do I was always told what path in life I should take. This goes from the morals that I should have had, to the religion I should believe in, to the friends I should choose, to what my hobbies were, etc. My first experiences of something “out of the ordinary” were when my brother and I would be sent to my Aunt Kerry’s every summer for two weeks. She would bring us to bible studies and Christian camps the whole time we would stay with her. This is when I started learning the, “this is what you need to believe in” aspect of life. I started to question myself and what my parents had taught my brother and I. Small things like Santa became a delusion in my head. This is when I began to question my parents as well. After time of my parents starting to realize I wasn’t just a kid that didn’t understand and became a kid that wanted to question and learn more, I was put into a private school. They didn’t put me in there because of religion, but because as they would say “I was too smart for my own good.” Which in time led me to hang out with people older than me. Being in the private school kept me quite and entertained for awhile. But, as soon as summer would come along I would start exploring my options again. Hanging out with the neighborhood, “secular” kids, as my school would call it. I would begin to start making my own decisions and thinking on my own terms rather than, “following the book.” This scared my parents. Year after year I was put back into that private school, and year after year I was taught the same thing and judged the same way. As soon as graduation came the last summer I would have before I was supposed to go away to a…