Reflection on Ethics Essay

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What does ethics mean to me? Ethics in my point of view would be a logical understanding of right and wrong that sets out what people should do and should not do whether it be in fairness, virtues, obligations, or rights. I feel that it is necessary to continuously examine our standards to ensure that they are reasonable. Ethics should have a continuous effort within our own moral beliefs, to make us the better person all around. Some of the tools of critical thinking for ethics could be subject to relativism or universal to religious. Where relativism beliefs differ from individual to individual on what is right or wrong. Universalist would believe that moral value are discovered instead of created. Other examples within our teachings was an Utilitarian believed that an act is moral if it produces a greater balance of pleasure over pain. Intuitionists believe that neither reason nor feelings are the source of basic ethical truths, but that people are empowered by a special power that connects them to a reservoir of intuition. It is intuition that helps us decide what is right or wrong. Care ethicists believe that morality, rather than starting with universal principles, starts at home. The Greek ethics was to believe that natural desires are evil, and that only by reason humans can rise above evil tendencies. And religiously the saying do unto other as you would like done to you. I have used some of these ethic subjects. For example, care ethics is something I use frequently as I am a single mother of two. Care comes first to me on how people feel, react and will proceed. In addition I feel my religion is a foundation to my ethical beliefs. Using the commandments and treat others as you would like to be treated. I believe that a persons upbringing influences the understanding and growth of morality and ethical understanding and usage. I try daily to instill with my children. Other beliefs about ethical living are described by reason according to Kant. Kant believed that truth is discover through reason, not ethical principles of our making or choosing. Hume on the other hand believed that reason cannot give us ethical truths, but rather feeling and passion determine ethical beliefs. Where W.D. Ross believed that one should not get tangled up in ethical theory and confused by moral speculation. Basically, one know what is right and what is wrong. Ross' concept in an intuition based analogy. I personally tend to agree with Hume's approach. Where passion, feelings, and wants and needs of oneself and others come into play with ethics. With that, my foundation in growing up to be the better person, treat other well, work hard and other will notice. In addition, Ross' concept of intuition is used in my life to due learning and adapting to life. This could also be interpreted as having a conscience or hunches. With that, I feel that it is not hard to live ethically.