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Domonic Rose English 950.111
Beth O’Neall
The hardest vow to keep As human beings it’s our nature to break promises and not keep our word. We are not perfect, but when we take a vow to God we should honor those words. Saving a marriage has to be mutual. Both individuals have to want to be together, no matter what they have been through. Staying together wasn’t an option for Toni and Vanessa Sanchez. They had been married for 12 years and Toni hasn’t been faithful any of those years. He drove truck for a living always moving around from state to state. Everywhere he went, he was always sleeping with other women. He would have one night stands and full fledge relationships with different women. One week Toni was home from the road. He was taking a shower and his phone would stop ringing. Vanessa picked the phone up and flipped it open. There was a message from a lady saying she loved him and couldn’t wait to see him again. Vanessa was so hurt; all she could do was cry. She grabbed her things and left without a word being said. A month later she filed for divorce. In a relationship there are always disagreements and fights. But we should still honor thy wife and husband. From the day Mary married her husband Keith Samuels she knew it was a mistake. But love is blind and it will take over your mind. He was very abusive, controlling and wanted her to quit her job and make a home for him. They would always fight and argue. Mary was tired of it all she just could take it anymore. A year into their marriage Mary started having an affair. She had met a man at her job and started seeing him outside of work. He made her laugh and respected her for who she was. She said it was eye- opening to be with someone that made her feel good. Mary says she thinks the affair helped her find herself. Cheating on her husband help her realize that she could live a life of independence free of Keith. It also gave her the courage to ask for a divorce. He was so furious that she even considered wanting one. But he gave her what she wanted and parted ways. Bitterness and anger is no good in a marriage. It makes one hold grudges or even cheat. Kristen Villa, 32, married her husband Carlos. They were both excited and couldn’t wait to have children. But after their wedding day something changed for Kristen. She started to really love her job, and kids just didn’t seem to fit in the picture. Carlos became hurt by her change of heart and began to resent her. They started fighting a lot. She started to resent him for resenting her. They were constantly hurting each other. One night she caught him cheating in there bed with another women. That situation pretty much ended the trust she had for him. She wouldn’t sleep with him anymore. Shortly after the lack of intimacy Kristen cheated also. She meets a guy who she ended up dating for a year. Carlos found out about her cheating and they separated. Kristen…