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GM Foods Argument

A huge problem with genetically modified foods are allergies. Many people are highly allergic to certain types of food. Some examples are nuts, fish, or shellfish. There is a possibility that a gene that will have an allergic reaction with the consumer could be added to a plant that the person regularly consumes. For example, genes from crustaceans can be added to a plant. This adds risk with the possibilities of allergies being higher than traditionally grown crops.

However, GM foods are far more advanced than regular crops. GM foods will last longer on the shelf, plus they will be healthier than traditionally grown crops. For example, low-calorie beets and oil with lower saturated fat content are being worked on. Also, some GM crops are equipped with higher nutritional content, such as high-fiber corn and high-starch potatoes. GM food is also safer to consume. GM crops do not require as much pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer to grow.

But, GM crop technology may destroy small farmers. With the rush to patent genetically altered crops, will bind small farmers to large companies. These large companies, such as Monsanto, are suing North American farmers for growing their patented GM crops without paying for their permission. Also GM crops are rather expensive to grow compared to traditional farming. So poor farmers in developing countries cannot afford to grow GM crops.

Insects such as the cicada, cause extreme crop loss every year. Financially, this is a huge dilemma for farmers. But with crops that are altered to resist pests, farmers can dodge these losses and sell their harvests at a much lower cost. Another threat to farmers are weeds. Weeds rop the crop of nutrients. Because of this, farmers have to spray their fields with large amounts of herbicides. However GM soybeans that are resistant to an all-purpose herbicide has been developed. This means farmers only have to use…