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Patience Blessing
PSYCH 3230
Dr. Guastello


Upon entering the O*NET site, one can clearly see the user friendly layout. The entire point of the site is to aid its users to find jobs in whatever field they are looking for. And in order to further ease the process, O*NET has broken down potential searches into seven categories: Bright Outlook, Career Cluster, Green Economy Sector, Industry, Job Family, Job Zone, and Stem Discipline. The Bright Outlook search focuses on jobs that have a high growth rate in upcoming years. This is very helpful for a person that may be looking into what to focus their studies in for college. The Green Economy Sector search is centralized in jobs that have an eco-friendly purpose. People who are interested in getting involved in the industrial aspect of green living should definitely look into this search engine. The categories that I found personally very useful were the Career Cluster and Job Family searches. Both are very similar in nature; they group together fields of work that are typically closely related. For instace, one search could be: Business and Management. As far as the Industry search goes, it is pretty straight forward. All one has to do is search what field of work they are interested in. For example: construction, educational services, or governmental work. The Job Zone sector is a little more mysterious though. Instead of giving a job title, The Job Zone is divided by the amount of training needed for each