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Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that IQ testing is not a valid measure to be used on modern populations.

Central Idea: At the end of my speech the audience will know all about the disadvantages of IQ testing in addition to the bad impact it has on today’s society.
After taking 3 different IQ tests and averaging the results I can tell you that my IQ is either of 82 which is considered as low average or of 123 which is considered as superior! Ask yourself one question; would you look at me differently if you knew which one it really is? At the end of the speech you'll know all about the disadvantages of IQ testing and why it is not a fit measure to be used on modern populations. I'm going to
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III- Benefits of IQ testing:
A. If a student who has a high score is having difficulties learning, directly an assumption is made that his learning processes needs to be understood and educational strategies need to be applied in order to help the student become successful.
B. In addition, if we don't generalize it to be a test that measures intelligence IQ testing is the best way to measure logical abilities, which is the closest thing to intelligence.
In conclusion, because IQ tests are administered by human beings on human beings, they are not 100% reliable and the same person can get very different results on two different tests and because they are culturally unfair; IQ tests shouldn't be considered as a valid measure of human intelligence and therefore a person with a low score should not be categorized and stigmatized for life.


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