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Chapter 1 Pre-Project / Initiating the Project
A. Defining a project
1. Unique
Specific Goal & CBT 2. Temporary
Beginning & End
3 Resources & Quality
4 Stakeholder Satisfacation
*Not operations as operations is permanent & projects are temp
*def program = A program is a group of related projects that are managed together using coordinated processes and techniques.
*define project management Applying skills, knowledge, and project management tools and techniques to fulfill the project requirements.
Project management brings together a set of tools and techniques— performed by people—to describe, organize, and monitor the work of project activities. Project managers are the people responsible for applying these tools to the various project activities.
Skills needed:
Biz expertise
Interpersonal Skills
Questions asked:
How well did the project go?
How will you know when you're done?
What is your plan?
How are you going to solve this problem?
What problem are you solving?
5 PM Life Cycle / Processes
Initiating or IDing project and Pre-project set up
About getting the commitment to start a project
Answer questions:
What problems are we solving?
How are we going to solve?
How you're going to perform the project
Answer questions:
What is your plan?
How will you know when you're done?
Starts with Launching a project
Bring resources on board
Explain the rules
Monitoring & Controlling
On going responsibility that project is going to plan

Important get client to accept that project is complete document project performance document project performance document lessons learned close contracts help resources move on
E. Understanding the role of a PM
1. Leadership = imparting a vision; motivating others to achieve the goal
2. Communication = exchanging information
3. Problem Solving = working together to reach a solution
4. Negotiating = obtaining mutually acceptable agreements
5. Organization & Time Management
B Understanding Organizational Structures

Project managers have little formal authority in this type of structure most common organizational structure
Growth potential and a career path for employees opportunity for those with unique skills to flourish clear chain of command (each staff member has one supervisor)
project managers have limited authority, multiple projects compete for the same limited resources, resources are generally committed part-time to projects rather than full-time clear chain of command (each staff member has one supervisor) issue resolution must follow the department chain of command project team members are loyal to the functional manager

A balanced matrix organization shares equal emphasis between projects and functional work. Both the project manager and the functional manager share power in this type of structure.
The strong matrix organization emphasizes project work over functional duties. The project manager has the majority of power in this type of organization.
The weak matrix organization emphasizes functional work over project work and operates more like a functional hierarchy. The functional mangers have the majority of power in this type of organization Project Based

Project managers have the majority of authority in this type of structure least common organizational structure
Team members are co-located full-time resources are assigned to the project

loyalty is established with the project manager project manager has a high authority level dedicated project support staff
reassigning project team members once the project ends
Note: essential that communication is occurring among project managers across the organization so that the complex timing of increasing or decreasing resources is managed as efficiently as possible. D. Understanding the