S.M.A.R.T Goals Essay

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S.M.A.R.T Goals
When setting goals for yourself you have to make realistic goals that you think you can achieve, my goals are to maintain a 3.0, go to Hawaii pacific University, become a zoologist, and to stop procrastinating as much as I do. High school is one of the most important ties to set goals for yourself. My goal for high school is to maintain a 3.0 throughout my high school years. I will achieve this goal by keeping up with my grades and keep checking them on Aries. This goal is achievable for me because I have been keeping a 3.0 so far to stay on the volleyball team. This goal won’t take long because I only have two years of school left until I go off to college. That’s where my second goal comes in, my next goal is to go to Hawaii Pacific University. To achieve this goal I am going to have to keep my grades up and make sure I am on the A-G Requirements track. My goal is attainable if I just stay focused and keep up with my credits so I can graduate high school. This goal might take a while because I have to finish my high school years and I still have to see if I get into the university. Setting goals for your career is an important goal for your life. My career goal is to become something that studies animals and their habitats, so I decided to become a zoologist. To achieve this goal I am going to have to take all the required classes and get good grades in them. This goal is achievable I just have to work hard and don’t fall behind. I believe this goal is realistic I just have to believe in myself and believe that I