True Friendship Essay

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True Friendship

Do you know what kind of friendship is true? People always think about this question for a long time. Society always has a lot of definitions. However, how many people know someone who has true friend in their life? I think true friends must listen to you, take care of you, and tell you when you make a mistake.
First, true friends must listen to you when you want to speak. People always have a number of disappointments in life. You want to speak to other people about your disappointment. For example, I have a best friend. Anytime I call him to talk about my disappointment, he always listens to me, tells me what he thinks and gives me some opinion.
Second, true friends must take care of you, such as they will take care of you when you are sick, or they will help you when you have some trouble. For example, one day in the morning, I felt sick when I woke up. I just stayed at home. After school, my friends came to see me, and brought some food to me. They knew my parents had to go to work, and no one could take care of me. That’s why they brought food to me.
Third, true friends must tell you when you make some mistakes. No one is perfect in the world. People always make some mistakes. However, people can grow through the mistake. True friends will help you with the mistake because they can tell you when you make a mistake. For example, I was addicted to online games when I was a middle school student. I played every day, and I even forgot my homework. My