Meaning of Life and Genuine Friendship Essay

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Buddhist Scripture Study

Javonni Martori


The Book of Protection is the Buddhism scripture that I chose. I noticed that their scriptures are somewhat short, but may also have a lot of meaning. In the chapter The Advantages of Friendship it speaks very clearly on what it means to have genuine friendships. In our “world” it’s not too often that we find a “true friend.” This scripture states the meaning of being a true friend and the acknowledgment you will receive when being genuine to others.

I could not agree anymore with how they state a genuine friendship should be. When a Buddhist obtains a genuine friendship they are honored in so many ways. They will not be able to be overpowered in any way and will not be looked down upon. Whether in his country or far from home others will honor them in knowing how genuine they are with friendship. If we all went by this scripture in the World today, we would have a lot more peace. If foreign countries followed this scripture we wouldn’t be battling against one another.

I truly believe if you can’t give respect and be true and genuine to others then you can’t expect them to treat you with respect either. You have to give respect and love to earn it and that starts by being genuine to others. Having genuine friendship also means that with you being a giver you will also receive gifts. When you are genuine to others you will shine bright and everyone will know just how true you are. Friendships come and go