Essay about W. Edwards Deming and Quality Assurance Deming

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Chapter 1

1) Quality assurance – any activity aimed at providing customers with products of appropriate quality along with the confidence that products meet consumers’ requirements.

2) Quality assurance depends on two focal points in business: design of products, control of quality during delivery

3) Six Sigma is a customer-focused and results-oriented approach to business improvement that integrates many traditional quality improvement tools and techniques that have been tested and validated over the years.

4) The user-based perspective is based on the presumption that quality is determined by with a customer wants.

5) Competitive advantage denotes a firm’s ability to achieve Market superioty.

Chapter 2

1) Service organizations include all nonmanufacturing organizations except such industries as agriculture, mining, and construction.
2) In service offering, managing intangible quality caracteristics is more difficult, because they usually dependo n employee performance and behavior
3) most importante drivers of service quality are people and technology
4) if quality is built into the product properly, inspection should be unnecessary.
5) Uw stout is th first institution of higher education to win the Baldrige Award.

Chapter 3

1) in mechanical assemblies, variation leads to inconsistente performance and premature wear and failure.
2) Have the greatest influence on quality management is W. Edwards Deming
3) Statiscal methods are the primary tools used to identify and quantify variation.
4) Statistical thinking are the best routes to improving quality
5) The Deming philosophy focuses on improvements in product and service qualiy by reducing variation

Deming – reducing variation and statistical methods

Chapter 5

1) strategic leadership – a person’s ability to anticipate, envision, manitain flebility,, think strategically..
2) a mission statement might include a definition of products and service the organization provides, Technologies used to provid theses products
3) vision statement articulates the basci characteritic that shap organization’s view of the future and its strategy
4) strategic objectives set longer term direction and guide resources allocation decisions
5) negotiation is called


Quality assurance