MAT Scores

Of the 120 questions on the MAT, 100 are scored and 20 are experimental. The experimental questions, which can occur at any point in the test, are used to evaluate potential questions for use in future tests. The final (raw) score is based on the test taker�s performance on 100 questions.

The raw score on the MAT is converted to a scaled score in the range of 200 to 600. A percentile rank is also given to indicate how well the candidate has performed relative to other test takers. For example, a percentile score of 75 percent would indicate that 75 percent of the current group of test takers performed less well than the candidate.)

A score in the 95 percentile range could qualify you for admission to MENSA!

A scaled score of 400 is the median for this test. (Standard deviation = 25)

The score is kept on record for five years.

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