10 Reasons Of Why I Have Personally Res Essay

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10 reasons of why I have personally resisted change:

1. When I change my home country Mexico to Canada I was so afraid of the different language and people because I didn´t know how could be. I was fear of the unknown, I knew that I was coming to Canada but I didn´t know what to expect.
2. I came to Canada for Holidays when I first arrived and suddenly after one month we decided with my family to stay for studies, and I got afraid again about the school, method of study and method of teach. It was something new for me and more because I was afraid that my English wasn´t good enough for be here, but I accepted the challenge even if I was afraid and here I am.
3. In some point I’m resisting technology, as I don´t know how to manage a lot of programs in internet and in computers or apps. The fact that every day new technology come up to our life make me lazy to learn about it, which is bad because technology nowadays is just the base for work and daily life.
4. My next example is with my mobile phone. I´m so used to mac that I´m always buying iPhones and iPads and I don´t want to change the brand. I know that other brands are better now than mac but I know how to manage my iPhone so good that I just don´t want to learn again.
5. The fact of no doing my makeup every day for going out is just not option to me. I need to do it because I’m just used to it and I just don´t want to change my habit and probably I won´t.
6. Other example is with my hair. I’m so afraid when I´m