Essay on 12 Angry Men

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Karina Verano Pd. 2B

12 Angry Men

1. Which characters base their decisions on prejudice?
Juror number 4 based his decision based on the fact that the boy on trial grew up in the slum. Juror number 4 said, “He was born in a slum. The slum is a breeding ground for criminals. I know it and so do you. It’s no secret that children from slum backgrounds are menaces to society.” While Juror number ten just doesn’t like the boy bases on his race. Throughout the entire movie, he referred to the boy as them.
2. Does Juror #8, or any other character, exercise “reverse discrimination?
Juror number eight did not exercise reverse discrimination. But juror number 9 did. He favored the old man and made all the other jurors believe that he was
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9. What is defendant’s alibi?
The defendant’s alibi is the movie theater. A pretty horrible one to tell you the truth. No one saw one him there and he couldn’t remember the names of the movies he was nor the people that starred in them.
10. What’s wrong with the juror 7 saying ‘if the kid didn’t kill him, who did?”
11.What are some stereotype characters (in the jurors)
12. How much time did it take the old man to get up out of his bed and walk across the hall to see the young man run down the stairs?
13. What are some quotes about the Hotness in the jury room?
14. Why were there two knives on the table?
Juror number 8 went out night before to the boy’s neighborhood and went to a pawnshop just two blocks from his apartment. In that pawnshop he bought a knife that was extremely similar to the knife used to commit the murder of the boy’s father. Proving that the knife used wasn’t the only one of its kind.
15. Describe the atmosphere, including the actual temperature in the jury room.
While it was still very hot and humid outside, everyone was sweating and cranky. The heat of the room got to all of them and made their mood go off their knock. But once it started to rain, it got cooler and they were able to turn on the fan, they all seemed to be able to cool off and think much more clearly with the weather much cooler.

“I called the weather girl this morning. This is going to be the hottest day of the year.”
“my, it’s hot in here, isn’t it?”
“looks like