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Orwell wrote this book, so that people do not allow such brutal conditions from there governments at any point in time. Just after World War II ended, Orwell wrote this book, which it seems like the totalitarian government in Oceania is similar to that of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Oceania, Germany, and the Soviet Union had governments that allowed little to no freedom, and were countries with hunger, forced labor and where mass execution was common.
Winston seems like the only character who actually wants to live a life of freedom and not be controlled by a totalitarian government. By writing in his journal he has shown me that he is tired of this governmental system and he is going to rebel any way he can. It seems as if everyone else has been brainwashed. Orwell has created an environment in which war is eminent, Airstrip One, used to be known as London, is the aftermath of a battle ground. People lived in “wooden dwellings like chicken houses” in bombed out clearings.
Big Brother is god-like figure, all-present, all-powerful, and eternal, yet quite intangible. People allow him to control every little thing that they do because they fear him so much. Big Brother has the greatest thirst for power I have ever seen. He has telescreens in people’s homes, which shows me the technological advancement, and he persecutes people for breaking laws that aren’t even there. Orwell wrote in his essay, “Politics and the English Language,” “When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer.” This defines the language…