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Vocabulary Definitions
1. annihilate (verb) - to cause to be of no effect - to destroy the substance or force of - to cause to cease to exist
2. gyrating (verb) - to revolve around a fixed point or axis - to move in spiral or spiral-like course - to oscillate or vary, especially in a repetitious pattern
3. inevitable (adj.) - impossible to avoid or prevent -invariably occurring or appearing; predictable
4. axiom (noun) - a self-evident or universally recognized truth - an established rule, principle or law - a self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument
5. palpable (adj.) - capable of being handled, touched or felt; tangible -easily perceived; obvios -that can be felt by palpating (medicine)
6. fluctuate (verb) -to vary irregularly - to rise and fall in or as if in waves
7. arbitrary (adj.) -determined by chance, whim or impulse and not by necessity, reason, or principle - based on or subject to individual judgment or preference -established by court or judge rather than by law
8. chivalrous (adj.) -having the qualities of gallantry and honor attributed to an ideal knight -of or relating to chivalry - characterized by consideration and courtesy
9. meritorious (adj.) -deserving reward or praise; having merit
10. treachery (noun) -willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust - the act or an instance of such betrayal
Vocabulary Sentences
1. The hands of the clock are gyrating to show the time.
2. The large amount of homework is inevitable if you are in AP classes.
3. The chief commanded the soldiers to annihilate the enemy's defense so they could pass through.
4. Axioms of common sense shouldn't be questioned.
5. The excitement during the concert was palpable.
6. The fluctuating temperature during the year resulted in warm temperatures in the winter.
7. The winners of the lottery are arbitrary.
8. The chivalrous man did everything he could to rescue the girl.
9. Meritorious actions should be recognized.
10. The treachery made the girl hesitant to trust others.

Prompt 1: You may never have considered history to be as important as it appears to be in 1984. Why does the government make efforts to control history in the novel? The government in 1984 tries to control history because if the people in the society didn't know about the past they aren't able to go against the government. This allows the government to control and change the past to what they want it to be. They could get rid of certain information that could reveal what they are actually like and they could also get rid of people that have went against them. An example of this from the book is when Winston had to rewrite the article from Times. He changed the information to what the government or party wanted it to say. He also changed the names and added made up information. He made the guy stated in the article, seem like he was a bad person by going against the government. After he had finished rewriting the