2 bodies instead of one Essay

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For centuries, capital punishment has been the primary means of punishing dangerous criminals. As times have changed, new ways have arisen to punish criminals who commit major felonies. This plethora of possible sentences has caused many to question whether or not the death penalty is truly the best way of punishing these criminals. Although the death penalty is the traditional way of punishing serious offenders, the creation of more cost effective methods of punishment, its inability to deter future criminals, and its ability to cause innocent people to die makes the death penalty an obsolete method that should be abolished. In the past, capital punishment was the only way to punish serious offenders, but in recent years, due to the amount of food readily available, sentencing a criminal to live life in prison has become a viable option. Due to the long and tedious appeals process that goes into capital punishment, it actually costs more to kill a criminal than it does to keep that same criminal alive for the rest of his/her natural life, and in this current economy, saving money should be a top priority The secondary purpose of the death penalty is and always has been to deter future criminals (This is why, historically, the execution of criminals has been done in public). But, the death penalty has seemingly no effect on the amount of criminals going behind bars. In fact, according to the New York Times, the U.S. has more criminals in jail currently than the top 35 leading countries in Europe combined. Not only does the…