4 Reforms Essay

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There are many reforms has been made since 1988
1 education and economic growth: many students who were done with their studies were unemployable because of their lack of skills and to make these students more capable for the jobs the YTS (youth training scheme) were introduced. This training was two year course aimed at combining work experience with education.
2. Competition, choice and standards: competitions are very important to raise the standard in education. Schools that failed to attract students would lose funding and be forced to close or improve. Parents were allowed to choose any school for their children. This choices improved school because if the school is successful that means the more students will come there to get enrolled and by that school will get more funds.
3. Testing and examining: parents needed the information in order to make choice of school for their children. To know that how all students are doing in their studies and which school and teachers are doing their job correctly testing and publication of results were necessary. League tables show the results of the schools which makes it easy comparisons between schools to be made. For that testing and attainment target were introduced for children of 7, 11, 14 and 16in the hope that standard would rise as school competed with each other to reach target.
4 curriculum content- the new right and tradition: The decided national curriculum contains most of the economics subjects according…