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Summary of Grading Waiting for Superman 1. Charter School Movement
*Some (4 out of 5)charter schools are no better than public schools or unionized schools.
b. * millions of children never have a chance to enter a charter school lottery.
c. some consider it to be a short cut
d. Brill visits: Harlem’s Success Academy , a charter school known for its tough discipline, rigid test prep, and high scores. He praises the charter school for longer days, uniforms, and involved teachers and criticizes PS 149, a public school for showing students a film during the school day and providing its employees with a more generous pension plan than the charter school.

2. Free Market Reform Movement
Finnish education system (unionized and granted tenure lifelong welfare, daycare, health care, preschool) proven to help children achieve better results at school.
A conference was built around the school reform strategies the film endorses
Bill gates said to cut pension payments for retired teachers
Some reformers are pleased with overdue public conversations
Aggressive Reformer, Michelle Rhee closed troubled public schools instituted a privately funded merit-pay program for teachers
Rhee fired teachers and principals who were ineffective
President Obama’s Race to the Top grant competition, pressured states to implement many of the most controversial teacher reforms, including merit pay based on value-added measures. a. Rttt promises to make student achievement data count for up to 50% of a teachers evaluation score – potentially totally reforming the process by which tenure is granted b.
Value-added measures a statistical method of based on children’s standardized test scores -volatile and flawed.
“rubber room” teachers who have been removed because of gross negligence and are paid tenure by the district , their contracts entitled them to full salaries until their due process hearing which can take up to 3 years. Some say these “rubber room” teachers are victims of senority purges, ignoring evidence of incompetence THE UNION. SOME ARGUE FIGHTS TO KEEP THESE TEACHERS & PROTECT THEM, THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED. The education depat and