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5 Philosophers and The Good

“The good” or the “good life” has been researched by many people, and there are many different views and beliefs on how to live “the good life”, but perhaps there is a morally correct way to live the good life? The philosophers St. Thomas of Aquinas and St. Plato had both different but significant views on “the good” and the “good life”.

What is living a “good life” and being happy? Stereotypically the “good life” is a financially rich life, and happiness lies in the ownership of wealth. To most success is what counts, and anyone who is not ‘successful’ in the natural judgment is counted a ‘failure.’ To me a “good life” is made up of being content with what you have and in no way be jealous for others, but happy for them. Many choose the pursuit of happiness. A good and happy life is one in which pleasures outweigh the pains overall. We see many different ideas of the “good life” and happiness playing out in human beings to live well and be happy. The Philosopher St. Thomas of believed that the ultimate goal carries struggles for one's current life on earth. Thomas stated that an individual's will must be steered toward right things, such as charity, peace, and holiness. To attain “the good” He sees this as the way to happiness. Thomas orders his treatment of the “good life” around the idea of happiness. Those who truly seek to understand and see God will live the “good life” what God intends. Such love requires morality and rationality…