Drug Addiction and Average Life Expectancy Essay

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Blessing Enumah.
Ethic week 5 Assignment
Oct. 5 2014.

The decision here in this situation is all about choice and consequence, as a surgeon who is the key decision maker in a transplant case. I need to make Quick decision on who gets the heart transplant. I will consider my first candidate jerry the 55years old family man, middle level manager, father of 3 children, His wife is a stay home mother, and He has 5 years to his retirement. He has 19years old in college, 16 years old and the 14 years old that is mildly autistic. I will be able to guess that he should still have 15 years more to live based on average life expectancy. His heart become damaged due to steroid use in his early 20s from bodybuilding.
The second patient here is Lisa who is 12 years old has life long history of health problems due to viral issues and immune deficiency, her heart had stopped last year due to a struggle with pneumonia. Though she survived due to CPR that was done by her mother, her chances of survival into the twenties even with the transplant are limited to probably 10 year or less and her father has decided to donate 2 million to the hospital construction if her daughter can get the heart soon enough but Lisa’s chances of surviving into the 20s are limited.
Our third patient is the 38 year single man Ozzie he is homeless in shelter for about 10 years, He has no family. His heart problem was as a result of addiction to crack, cocaine. He has shown signs of turn around by his involvement with trouble teens. However, with transplant and successfully staying off crack and drug he could live another 10 years or more but if he returns to drug use will damage the new heart and die in months.

In this dilemma I have to make the decision among the three people involved stating who benefits, who get denied a needed benefit, and why. I think that there is no right answer to this but my decision will be based on the fact that I only have 1 life to save. I have to consider a renounced philosopher