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Location- Geographers want to know where things are located, both by themselves and in relation to other things. I.S.303 located at
501 West Avenue, Brooklyn NY is a good example for the use of location. I.S.303 is near Abraham Lincoln High School home of the football team: Railsplitters. Right around the corner you’ll find yourself face to face with Coney Island. Which includes the amusement park, the aquarium, the board walk, mini games and last but not least the long sandy beach. Brooklyn is located in the continent of North America and New York is located in the northern and western hemispheres. From Avenue X, Brooklyn NY to 501 West Avenue, Brooklyn NY it is approximately 397 feet nor 0.0751894 miles.
Therefore, location is a important theme because it answers an important question in geography study.

Place- Geographers want to know what different parts of the world are like and why accordingly, place is concerned with the human and physical features that characterize different parts of earths surface.
I.S.303 is a rectangular prism building.
It looks small from the outside but when you enter it you will know that you did a huge mistake since the building is giant on the inside. Brooklyn has a seasonal climate which includes spring, summer, autumn nor fall and winter. The climate drops and rises, it rains and it shines creating a wonderful rainbow (sometimes.) Brooklyn has many features such ones as oceans, beaches, hills, etc. I.S.303 is made up of different kinds of people from many different cultures. I.S.303 is mostly made up from Hispanics, Russians and Pakistan nor Arabic pupils.

Human Environment Interactions- Human beings and the physical environment interact in many ways. Geographers recognize that human beings play a very important role in shaping and modifying the natural environment. People use Brooklyn’s land for farming, for physical features and buildings for people to explore and have a great time, businesses but most of all for survival. People have changed the land for a better future for them and their families.
People have created schools, daycares, hospitals and many other great buildings to help other people. We have used the land of Brooklyn for healthier food since in some cases we cant plant them in the climate of Brooklyn so we import from many other countries. People mostly live where there’s almost everything or near something they need in their everyday lives such as grocery stores, transportation, schools, etc. In my opinion, people settle on those area’s because its easier for them to live and there’s everything they need in their everyday lives.

Movement- Geographers recognize that he world is increasingly inter connected because of trade, migration, transportation and other forms of movement. I live in 3 South Gate
Court, Brooklyn NY only one block away from Avenue X, Brooklyn NY. It takes me
Approximately 6-8 minutes to get to 501
West Avenue, Brooklyn NY in the bus, B1 while it takes me 3-4 minutes in car. Here are the directions for Avenue X, Brooklyn
NY to 501 West Avenue, Brooklyn NY:1.
Head south on Shell Rd towards Avenue Z.
Turn left onto Shore Parkway. Take the 1st right onto West Ave and the destination will be on the left. There are buses such as B1, trains such as F train, taxis cars, etc. We export many goods to china, Netherland,
Mexico, Russia, etc. We export such