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MKT 3353/W205/Hybrid Assignment 2 – Develop The Creative Brief

Feb 5 2015/Casson

Assignment 2 – Develop a Creative Brief – 15% Assessment
This is a grouped assignment that is linked to, and cascades out of Assignment 1 – Communications
& Marketing Objectives. Students must read Chapter 7 Creative Strategy Decisions and Chapter 4
Communication Response Models, to complete this assignment successfully.
What is a creative brief and what components must I include?
Creative briefs are used to keep marketing projects accountable to their higher level objectives and strategies, to keep product/service tactical projects running smoothly, and to ensure that the project teams are operating under the same set of assumptions.
Creative briefs include the basic elements of the creative strategy and other relevant information.
Your creative brief must include the following six (6) components:

Describe the basic problem or opportunity the advertising must address;
Outline your target audience, behaviour objective(s);
Link to your communication objectives (Assignment 1);
Outline you brand positioning strategy statement and;
Determine the creative strategy and themes for your campaign:
a. Theme – unique selling proposition (USP), the big idea, campaign slogans, the
“inherent drama” etc.
b. Message appeal – summarize your central message and what approach(s) you will use to influence the customers’ attitude towards the product, service or cause.
These may be rational, human, emotional, fear-based etc.
c. Source characteristics – Consider direct and indirect sources and outline which you will use and how to strengthen your central message.

Items 1-3 above are derived from your Communications and Marketing objectives prepared in
Assignment 1. This assignment focuses mostly on completely items 4 and 5.
Completion Instructions
This is meant to be a concise document - two (2) pages, written in word in a 12 pt. font, single spaced. Keep it short please! Identify only the most important points to communicate (versus every single detail about your product) so work to one-to-two (1-2) paragraph per component listed below unless otherwise specified:

Objectives for target audience
Brand positioning strategy
Creative strategy
Themes – USP/Big Idea/Campaign Slogan
Central Messages
Approaches for message appeal

MKT 3353/W205/Hybrid Assignment 2 – Develop The Creative Brief

Feb 5 2015/Casson

9. Conclusion

Assessment Rubric – Assignment 2 Develop the Creative Brief (90 marks)

75-90 points Level 4

60-74 points 

Level 3

40-59 points Level 2

Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Creative Brief assignment (5).
There are no errors in the writing, and grammatical structure and assignment meets th paragraph limit, word document limit, and citation to APA 9 Edition. (5).
Exhibits a level of comprehension and exploration of the target audience/demographic that shows impressive interpretation of the understanding of behavioral, communication and marketing objectives (10)
Creative Brief includes all required components (total – 70 marks):
1. Objectives for target audience (10) – clearly addresses the basic problems faced by the target audience that advertising must address.
2. Brand positioning strategy (10) – clearly communicated and all benefits are reflected in the creative strategy, themes and central messages.
3. Creative strategy (10) – Central theme of the campaign is presented and links to strategies around brand image, positioning.
4. Themes – USP/Big Idea/Campaign Slogan (10) – unique, compelling, original, consistent and effective.
5. Central Messages (10) – elicits cognitive and emotional processing responses. Reveals intended persuasion of the brand.
6. Approaches for message appeal (10) - Use of rational and emotional appeals.
7. Sources (10) – different combinations of source and message appeals are presented.