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Review Questions

1. Popular Music is referred to Music which is widely bewitching to the large audience. It is also referred to the music created since industrialization was in the mid-1800s.

2. One theme of pop music typically used in the lyrics is dancing or movements to the song. Themes like love and relationships are often used as the centre of the lyrics. Almost all pop music has to do with love or dancing. For example the song "can't help falling in love" by Elvis Presley, the theme is dancing. It has displayed how a guy felt upon meeting a lady of his dream. Theme of love and relationships are popular because most people are able to relate their personal lifes with the specific theme. Love themes are something which is universal witch it is a popular theme that most artiste would based their music on. Pop music theme in songs is usually dancing and partying and just having fun.

3. Disco is a type of music thats started in the 70s. Disco became the dance music of the decade. It mixes “soaring” vocals with a beat that heartens dancing. The music often had 100 to 130 beats per minute and a pulse of the rhythm was often emphasized.

4. It was when the British music coulture connected with the american music. The Beatles was a famous group who was part of the movement. Their music had great lyrics and melodies which would be the high point of pop music for the next several decades.

5. It was a boy band is a band that consists of between three and six boys who used no instruments and just sang. Their presence was one of the most important part of the group, maybe even more than the music itself.

Critical Thinking Question

1. Not really. There aren't many protests nowadays. It might have worked in that era, but it's not common now.

2.Yes, I think some artists do music just for money. They are influenced by other people for money.

3. Beat machine there was no need for drummer drama. The music video there was no more ugly pop singers and the internet by getting a voice out that