7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Book Report Essay

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My name is ********* and I am a 35-year old single mother of a 13-year old son. I am currently employed as a School Secretary for the **********. I started working at ******* on October 23, 2006. However, I have been employed for ******* since May 1, 1995. Since 1995, I have held numerous positions for ******* such as Clerk, Recreation Leader, Teen Coordinator, Project Coordinator and Cheerleading Coach. In my current position as School Secretary, my job duties include: daily attendance, answering telephones, copying, filing, greeting and assisting students, staff and visitors who come into the school office, filling teacher supply orders, student transportation and other duties as assigned by the administrators.
In “The 7 Habits of
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This allows us to come out victorious while others win as well. What most people consider a win for them actually means a loss. Covey suggests finding ways that either allows a win/win approach or at least an agreed upon win/lose situation, since all instances cannot be win/win.
Although I view this as a good habit to possess, I’m less interested in it than the first three. I feel as long as you have your goals well mapped out in front of yourself, you shouldn’t have the problem of creating losses for the people you are trying or needing to help while producing wins for yourself. I think this habit really boils down to whether or not you have an understanding of your priorities and an ability to plan for the future.

Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
Covey argues that many of us rush into things without first really understanding them. He feels we go through our lives giving advice and help to people about their problems without fully understanding their situations. We tend to see things only through our own interpretation or understanding of their problems, not through their eyes. We need to be more empathic toward people’s situations and try to understand each personal situation and realize how it’s different from a similar situation we experienced last week. Everyone is different and therefore every individual’s problems are experienced differently. Before we rush in trying to fix the problem we see a person having,