A Lesson Learned

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Anthony Martinez
English 098­124

A Lesson Learned Mistakes are a common thing for everyone, no one can call themselves a perfect human being in fact, making one simple mistake is actually a good thing. Not only does it make you realize you did something wrong, but it changes your way of doing things for example, I never did my homework and I never studied enough while I was in high school, luckily I came to my senses and realized I needed to step up and change my actions towards passing senior year. My senior year was a complete disaster. I never took anything serious and always waited till the last minute to do everything. All throughout my senior year teachers told me I needed to push myself step by step although, my stubborn self never listened. I can remember time kept going by and I noticed myself procrastinating, making the same poor choices I had been making in all of my first semester. My teachers talked to me towards the end of the semester and told me
I needed to work harder if I wanted to pass. It wasn’t until then where I started realizing I might not pass if I did not put in the effort. My grades were borderline of passing and were still standing at where they were at the beginning of the year I then immediately told myself I needed to fix that. Finals were coming along, leading me towards my fear of not graduating. I was not


ready for this amount of stress that was coming my way and all that was on my mind was how was going to get myself through this? My mind cluttered I was mainly focused on the hard equations, essays and the memorizing I was going to have to do. I had a great amount of stress on my shoulders and the last few days of school there was nothing but studying for me. I was more concerned about my math final I was one of those students who hated math the word itself would make me cringe, although I had no other choice but to try and study for my math final. studying for math final was frustrating and I eventually got the hang of figuring out the equations before I noticed myself doing all the right steps but leaving out one or two steps in the equation and as a result, I ended up getting the wrong answer. All of the information I was refreshing my mind with was a lot handle I had other finals to worry about as well as my econs and english final there was a lot of memorizing and writing I had