A Perfect World: Living In A Perfected World

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A perfected world 15 years ago our society had solved all problems. There was no poverty, murder, car accidents, rape or natural disasters anymore. Everyone lived a perfect, safe life. Just one problem was left. Suicide. The suicide rates were at 25% and even more people suffered from depression and nobody knew why. Scientists tried everything to make people happier or even find the cause of the depression. Only 100 years ago life was a lot harder, less safe and people constantly faced problems, but the suicide rates were a lot lower. When nobody expected to find a cure anymore for the disease, a small group of 6 scientists presented Levius. Levius was given to patients with depression like a normal immunization and just some hours …show more content…
Levius didn’t actually make someone happy, they just had no desires or problems anymore. Life became blend in every aspect. As a result nobody created anything new or tried to make the world better. It made sense because we already lived in a perfected world. Never ending happiness led to complacency.Less and less people married until nobody could even remember that it was once normal. Children aged and started to work as a normal part of society but never fully developed emotionally. Nobody worried about the future or what they would leave behind when their lives ended so they never thought about creating new ones. Life stopped and nobody cared. Everyone was just happy. After 20 years of hoping that someone would stop Levius, I admitted to myself that this isn’t the life I imagined. I wanted to be with him even if this meant losing myself. Once I made that decision everything else was easy. One call and a half hour later I opened the door with a nervous smile on my face and saw him standing on the front porch. Sebastian looked as good as in my memories and when I held his hand it was like the last years had never happened. With his arm around my waist, we walked to the police car and his voice was joyful when he said “Soon we can be together. Forever