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ABC, Inc.

ABC, Inc. Case Study
Yolanda Nixon
March 23, 2014
Winifred Winstead Connelly MA, Med.

ABC, Inc. Case Study
This company has hired a new recruiter with no experience. Carl Robbins is the recruit that showed the most potential for the work. Carl Robbins is a great recruiter he hired 15 new employees with his first project and had been with the company for 6 months. Carl and the company have yet to discover that Carl is inexperienced and doesn’t know how to accomplish the task at hand. However, Carl is oblivious to the fact that there are many things that need to be achieved before he can start the Orientation.
Even though Carl has great potential for recruiting new employee's he does not understand the timing, preparations and organization that is required to complete the job he has been assigned to complete. ABC, Inc. work requirements for Carl is to Recruit, Coordinate, Manuals for benefits, policy, procedures, physical appointments, drug screening appointments, scheduling, time management and orientating. Carl hired his first 15 recruiters in early April and scheduled them for Orientation on June 15, with the first day of work in July.
Based on Carl’s lack of knowledge, experience, time frame, communication, and organization skills pertaining to this new position he will have a series of setbacks. He will become overwhelmed with the task that he was given. On May 15, Carl spoke with Monica Carrolls Operation Supervisor and was asking how things were going with the project he assured her it was ok, under control. He had not spoken to her in several weeks, hadn't accomplished any of the tasks that he was given in April. There are many issues in this case Even though no physical, drug screening, applicant files weren't completed, conference room wasn't booked, and manuals for the new hires were incomplete two weeks before the class is scheduled to start. This process wasn't completed because Carl's lack of experience he did not know where to begin and how to delegate and no sense of time management.
After reading this case I feel ABC, Inc. Company could have handled training of Carl more adequately. ABC, Inc. this company could have delegated some of those tasks to other departments. By doing that there wouldn't be a problem with time frame, scheduling, completion of applicants file and all the other task that will go undone ABC, Inc. should let the recruiter's recruit a new employee's. Then the company could appointment Human Resources to handle all the policies, procedures, benefits, applicant's file and setting up the physical's, drug screenings, and booking the conference room for training. ABC, Inc. However the company can also hire a Training Manager and someone to do the training of the new employees. The Recruite’s “recruiters to provide assistance and oversight where needed, and to gather data for after-action reviews on each prospective recruiter's approaches and techniques” Lane, L. (2007). Training recruiters. Soldiers, 62(11), 20-23. Retrieved from, that should be the only goal for the recruiters and sell the new hires' on why they want to work for the company. By delegating these tasks the various departments, and they can focus on his or her own area. Also by encouraging or assigning the other departments to participate with a different job makes the business look organized.
I am convinced that ABC, Inc. Company might be having financial problems because of the way they delegate their projects. By hiring more people in Human Resources would make it easier on all employees, they would have one central storage place for all pertain employee information and personal records when they are needed. By hiring a Hiring manager that person would see to it that the process would go as required. The Manager would follow the entire process from beginning until the orientation course is completed. But depending on the