Aboriginal People Stereotypes

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There are many portrayals of aboriginal peoples, for hundreds of years the media has shaped the public’s perception of Native people. There are the bad and good stereotypes of aboriginal peoples and I am going to address them to the best extent I can. Portrayals of Aboriginal people are seen as being primitive, violent and devious, or passive and submissive. For instance, in the early ages people saw First Nations as Blood thirsty savages the reasoning behind that was misjudgement and was wrongly interpreted. Ever since that point in time aboriginals have been discriminated and held under negative stereotypes. Common stereotypes are usually wrong and untrue regarding that particular person or object. This Particular subject relates to Keeper’ …show more content…
I think that people should never believe the stereotypes people say and media portrays and just go with their heart. In Keeper’ N me by Richard Wagamese, the author Richard uses certain stereotypes to bring attention to the problem. For example, from the age of three Garnet was raised with stereotypes of his people and was raised to be anything different then who he is meant to be. Keeper is also represented by a stereotype because he is a native and he was a drunk and wasted his life away drowning his sorrows in alcohol. I think the people of white dog are also represented in a stereotypical way with the fact that they have broken down houses, no power or telephone poles, shirtless and shoeless kids running a muck, and old glum faces. Another stereotype that Richard uses is that all black people must sell drugs, I think the author uses these particular stereotypes because it brings attention to the subject. Depending how the author uses these stereotypes they could be expressing their dislike towards, or to make fun of the stereotype itself. I really like how Richard uses his stereotypes because it brings funny humour and a deep sense of knowledge to the novel, he uses a humorous tone