Abortion Editorial Essay

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Kanielle Pounds
May 8, 2011
“You’re living your life, So Why Take another One”
A large debate that takes place today is abortion. Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. The issue with abortion is the fact that an innocent child is being killed. Although the mother herself isn’t literally killing the child, she is consenting to the termination. I think that abortion should be illegal. Every child deserves to live. I feel this way because why end the life of an innocent child because of your behavior. When people make the choice of engaging in sexual activity they know the consequences or their actions and pregnancy is one. There are things that can prevent pregnancy such as condoms, birth control, and restraining from sex overall. People have the choice to take those actions as well as they do to make the decision to get an abortion. ”Aborting a kid is wrong. There are many people who try and try to have children but cannot because of medical conditions. The child that is terminated could be a blessing to one of those homes.” says Registered Nurse, Ronisha Stiff.
Even though abortion isn’t the right way to handle an unwanted pregnancy there are more affects in abortion than just the child. The woman carrying the child is also affected by the abortion because she had to make a choice of ending someone’s life. Banning abortion won’t give the woman of choice of what to do. If abortions are made illegal this will limit the rights she has as a human being. Of course, human-rights should be respected, but it is never the case that